The Art of Dialogue: Writing Convincing Conversations that Bring Characters to Life

Introduction: Engaging and realistic dialogue breathes life into your characters, making them relatable and compelling to readers. However, crafting convincing conversations can be a challenging aspect of writing. In this blog post, we will explore the art of dialogue and provide valuable tips and techniques to help you write dialogue that captivates readers and brings […]

Taking on Bullying with a Real-Life Superhero

Broken Toy Hero Press Release For Immediate Release 5 February 2021 Ashland, OH and Huntington, WV— 5 February 2021 — John Buckland has gone viral rescuing cat’s out of burning houses, speaking to students after a school shooting, carrying customized caskets when little heroes lost battles with terminal illnesses, speaking at assemblies, and advocating for […]


Freedom Punch

Hard hitting poems that hold nothing back, exposing the hypocrisy and wrongdoing in the 2020 political realm. Society doesn’t escape the review of bad behavior that threatens the way of life Americans have fought and died for, for over two centuries. Appealing to our inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness while exposing […]


The telephone call from his sister, Mary, announcing the murder of her daughter at a high school mass shooting signals Gene Benton’s emersion into a world he never imagined, the cyber world of chatrooms, half-truths, and rage. The couple analyzes the chatrooms and news photographs, uncovering sinister connections and hints as murders continue in small […]

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