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Luxury Publishing

The Mother of Modern Publishing has arrived. HAVAH is a hybrid luxury brand. Our vision and tenacity brings the most amazing authors and works to the brand. Our readers will not be disappointed.

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Self-Publishing Hybrid

For a fee, we do the heavy lifting. This means we submit your work to important distributors, get your cover made, your work edited, cover your ISBN and Library of Congress identifiers. If your book matches our brand, we will extend the luxury logo and an author page. You don’t have to be a HAVAH author to utilize our services. The upside-the authors retain the lion’s share of their royalties.

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This is where our value lies-future vision. One hit wonders are fantastic… But, having a team help you envision a brand for yourself… That’s priceless. We can also connect authors/clients to ghostwriters.

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Making a Difference

Publishing on this level, HAVAH has the unique opportunity to get involved in causes and projects. As human beings, we either add to the collective or we take from it. HAVAH partners with the authors to give and get involved with the causes that matter to the authors…Luckily, that doesn’t limit the soapbox we can speak from. Starting out, we will be partnering for correct treatment of animals, standing against human trafficking, and standing up for people fighting addiction. We are HUGE on anti-bullying campaigns–for adults and children. Ultimately, we want to encourage our readers and authors to do what they can to make a difference in the world around them. Little drips create ripples. What you do matters more than it may seem.

Our business model is tailored to the author and their goals. HAVAH changes the way publishing is done. We care about each one of our authors. The people at the top are still reachable. We plan to keep it that way.

HAVAH creates space to be creative. Free of judgment, but fully partnered with our authors. This is a family, and HAVAH is the Mother of Modern Publishing. All of our stars shine brightly in their genres.

Next Steps…

Are you an author ready to publish? Do you want to join the HAVAH family? Contact us now for a free consultation or chat!