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If God exists, why does He allow so much pain and suffering? It is a question at the center of many arguments against the existence of God and a conundrum that stumps even the most devout worshipers. What do we make of pain and suffering? What does it cost us? What is its value? How can an all-loving God allow for world catastrophe, grave illness, and devastating carnage? Based on logic and grounded in hope, If Only I Were God presents a unique, original and compelling literary work utilizing the common experiences of life, the latest pronouncements of science, touching stories of ordinary individuals, remarkable historical events, and the thoughts of many respected writers. If Only I Were God offers a solution to the great dilemma of pain and suffering – the suffering of the innocents in the presence of an acquiescent God. A penetrating, logical analysis of God’s creation reveals the startling truth about God’s design, purpose and dilemma in the creation of humanity. It is also our call to understand and respond. Chapter by chapter, If Only I Were God forges each vital link in the chain of understanding until, at last, the complete and powerful images of hope, truth, transcendence and triumph blaze before us.

Frank M. Fanella masterfully and logically moves through one of the toughest topics faced in humanity. Frank doesn’t shy away from the topic of suffering, nor does he give an answer that is easily come by. As I read a few chapters at a time, over the course of 2020, before Frank decided on HAVAH Publishing as the home for his masterpiece, I would find myself in tears. Dealing with the topic of suffering puts If Only I Were God at home with HAVAH. We don’t hide from reality here, or sugarcoat hard topics. For a year, I prayed this book would sit here so we could share his genius answers with the world–and HERE IT IS!

  • Frank M. Fanella is an attorney and advisor living in the western suburbs of Chicago. He is the father of three children and the grandfather of two. A Roman Catholic with a strong faith and the product of a well-rounded education, he has always had an abiding interest in philosophy and spirituality, coupled with an affinity for mystery and the big, essential questions of life. He possesses a deep desire to understand the core universal humanity we all share. 
  • In his new book, If Only I were God,  he shares his insights and answers to the question at the heart of the human condition: Why do we suffer so much? His long journey through this difficult terrain offers new insight on a very old problem. The reader is challenged not only to understand the meaning of suffering, but to extract the greatest value from life.
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