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When this title gets mentioned…you’re already within the Tail Whip of the Black Dragon.

The spring before a presidential election, David Drummer, Senior Analyst in Charge of Interagency Communications in the FBI’s Kansas City office, is planning his upcoming retirement to Eleuthera with his lover, Rachel. Instead of enjoying his last few months at the Bureau, he comes face-to-face with several evil scenarios: a scandal of far-reaching consequences within the bureau, two apparently unrelated police killings (three thousand miles apart), and grassroots rallies designed to rile the voting populace against foreigners. International terrorism and government retaliation form the backdrop to these domestic events. David becomes deeply involved in the cover-up of the bureau scandal. In an effort to influence the outcome of the investigation, he decides to play puppeteer to a newspaper reporter. He feeds the reporter just enough information to keep his investigation alive. Several local murders cause David great concern; he digs into a political force from the past that may have some bearing on the rallies. His team focuses on learning the driving force behind the rallies, and wonders: Are they a hint of evil to come? The bureau’s manipulative efforts to bury the scandal, as well as the facts uncovered about a dangerous conspiracy, cause David’s emotional and physical well-being to spiral inexorably out of control. Rachel is his rock as he struggles to reach retirement. Will David get caught in the tail whip of the Black Dragon?

This video is fun and shows the tail whip. The alligator seems incapacitated, but the powerful tail knocks his captor out of the boat. Now, imagine a huge dragon, far more powerful than this and you will get an idea of the damage that could be inflicted by the tail whip. There is more to the title, but HAVAH will leave the mystery to the readers.

John Andes has masterfully executed this second book with HAVAH. We look forward to the next book!