Hard hitting poems that hold nothing back, exposing the hypocrisy and wrongdoing in the 2020 political realm. Society doesn’t escape the review of bad behavior that threatens the way of life Americans have fought and died for, for over two centuries. Appealing to our inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness while exposing the people, places, and things that threaten the way of life we all have become accustomed to creates a Freedom Punch to the face of every red-blooded Patriotic American to wake them up and remind them…there is a price for freedom. May we bleed so freedom can ring.

John Krotec isn’t new to being an author. His first collection of poetry is hard hitting in another way. It deals with abuse. John never shies away from the difficult things and subjects in life, which is what made him a perfect addition to the amazing HAVAH authors.

There is so much more to John than can easily be explained in words, so HAVAH has decided to take you on an author journey with John Krotec–Pioneer, Revolutionary, Patriot, Veteran, Survivor, Entrepreneur, Advocate, Teacher, Speaker, Husband, and those are only a few titles and hats that he wears. Without further ado, read the blogs he has written on his website, see his body of work for good causes, and watch a few of his podcasts with and for veterans.

This is just a sampling, because John is a busy man! Stay tuned! There will be a lot more coming from this powerhouse in the near future.