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Reasons You Would Want to Build Brand Publishing

  1. You have multiple projects planned.
  2. You already have an active business/brand that pairs with the projects you are working on.
  3. In your field, your branding could support authors in your area of focus.
  4. It’s a dream of yours. Dreams exist to come true.

What this Partnership Could Look Like:

  • Founder training to your trusted key contacts.
  • Help choosing a distributor.
  • Help through set-up on your chosen platform (if we’re not familiar, we dig in until you have the answers.)
  • Partnership section will be added to HAVAH Publishing website to show mutual support. (As long as content aligns with the high HAVAH standards).
  • When your first project is completely ready, you will get the presidential set-up walk-through.
  • Help exploring the details with ISBN, bar codes, and Library of Congress (we will help you register with them too!).
  • You will get access to our proprietary information.
  • Additional options are available and can be discussed during a consultation. We will do a goal audit–do you want flashcards, board games, stuffed animals? Let your imagination run wild! We aren’t afraid of the research to find options with you!