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John Buckland of Heroes 4 Higher (in Huntington, WV) has a passion for the broken of the world. He has dedicated his life to sharing life-changing messages with a variety of people to bring about positive change in our world.

In his debut children’s book, John tells the inspirational story of Phoenix the Toy’s struggle with being mistreated. Phoenix rises up to overcome the pain and other tough things that her little toy life bring. Her transformation changes the lives of the other toys and kids around her. Readers will learn the FOUR STEPS OF GREATNESS and be inspired to overcome in their own lives. It is important that we teach our children to be more sensitive to the struggles of others.

This book is great for children of all ages. It is a picture book, illustrated by HAVAH design artist, Geremy Woods. The book is wrapped up by a mini quiz and gives parents the perfect opportunity to open lines of communication with their children about things that might not come up on a regular basis. This creates opportunities for closeness and understanding which promote healthy mental and emotional growth.

This is really who John is…Buy a copy of Broken Toy Hero now!

John challenged HAVAH founder to build the publishing house while he was creating his series of children’s books after the two put their brains together looking for a publishing deal. She said, “If I was a publisher…” John said, “Do it.” She said, “I will.” The rest is history–here we are. Writing this blog for friend, client, author, and hero–I am going through his videos and realizing…I don’t need to write anything–I am going to let John’s amazing character speak for him. He gives a portion of EVERY sale back to Heroes for Higher. John had zero warning that this blog was coming, so keep scrolling for more amazing videos of John (saving cats from fires, etc.) and we will wrap up with a surprise announcement.

Get the Kleenex!!! Here is an example of his work with terminal children.
Literally a hero in his own right…a HAVAH Hero–I like the ring of that.

If you’ve made it this far–you have seen a lot, but there is so much more to John Buckland. Visit his website, donate–he does funerals for terminally ill children as well (provides the custom coffins); he is a keynote speaker that does numerous types of events and birthday parties (contact him or we will happily put you in touch). John wants to lay the mask down and focus on his message of hope and the four steps of greatness.

He has more children’s books and resources that he is working on to release. We will make more announcements as they become available.

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