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We will give tips to writers and talk with authors about there books in upcoming blogs. We love interaction with our readers and future clients, so please feel free to contact us to tell us what you want to see more of in the blogs.

One of our most important goals at HAVAH is to give back to the causes that our authors and readers care about. With the first three books coming out on 11.11, we will be donating a percentage of our own income on the books to charities that match the goals of our writers: Patricia Crandall’s two releases will give back to animal rescues directly from her sales of The Dog Men and to human trafficking rescue organizations from the sales of The Red Gondola and the Cova. HAVAH will donate that percentage to Tahra’s non-profit, The Transformation Instigators, which focuses on helping people break the chains of addiction and hopelessness to get on a better path.

Each project that comes out of HAVAH is thought out and meaningful. We will be happy to share when these donations are made and show who they go to, as a way of sharing with our readers that they are making a difference just buying books! Our authors are writing with a purpose, and HAVAH loves their purpose, or we wouldn’t be publishing their books–so, it only makes sense that we give back. Our goal with donations is to always make sure that the most money goes to the cause.

In the future, you can expect to see projects that will benefit communities (already in planning stages). You can expect that as we become aware of needs and where we can find a way to change things for the better, we will.

Commitment to excellence isn’t just in the books we sign, but in the way we conduct ourselves daily–the choices we make and our behaviors. We work with so many authors, in various stages of their projects–it would be great to shout from the rooftops what some of these amazing people are doing, but we will hold our excitement until the projects are ready! Some topics near and dear to us that are coming–healing from trauma; children’s issues–bullying, responding to the changing world, messages to uplift and strengthen our youth; poetry collections dealing with mental issues (tackling the issue of suicide and pain); real life stories of injustice and overcoming; psychology/self-help books; books on interesting scientific topics; international looks at other cultures…this is a short list! Stay tuned!

We wanted you to see why HAVAH is different. As the Mother of Modern Publishing, we are paving the way for companies to worry less about how much they can amass in the bank and worry more about the people in our communities and world. We can critique the way other companies do things, or we can set an example and ask the consumers to vote with their buying power! HAVAH leaves more money with the authors to begin with and is happy to put royalties towards good causes. If you feel inspired and want some pointers on how you can change your business’ culture toward giving, please get in touch.